Clamps are used for filter bags, either installed on nozzles, due to the design of the filtration system, or because they are required for the installation of a metal cap. When selecting the clamps, make sure that this provides an optimum seal and that the filter bag is not damaged by sharp edges.

Our clamps have been designed for easy and secure installation of filter bags. For the installation of new filter bags, we also recommend replacing the clamps in order to minimise damage to bags by corroded clamps or dusting caused by filter bags that have fallen off.

Quick-release clamps:

  • easy, quick installation
  • secure locking
  • made of stainless steel without spot welds

Tool-less clamps with tension spring:

  • easy, quick and secure installation without tool
  • electro-galvanised
  • available for every clamping range

T-Bolted clamps:

  • easy, quick and secure installation with high torque for perfect sealing
  • electro-galvanised or from stainless steel
  • available for different clamping ranges

More designs available on request.