Doors seals

Door seals in dedusting systems should be checked at regular intervals for signs of damage and areas of leakage.

If these are damaged, even for the smallest leakage, problems can occur in the dedusting system. Leak air can be drawn into the filtration system. The extraction performance of the dedusting system can decrease. Condensation can occur in the dedusting system and results in blinding of the filtration elements or corrosion of doors and walls.

Especially seals that are subjected to high temperatures, or intense fluctuations in temperature, should be checked annually.

We have a wide range of door seals in many shapes and sizes. The door seals are manufactured taking account of the operating temperature, chemical gas characteristics and design of the respective door. Various materials are used, such as, EPDM, foam rubber, silicone foam, silicone or glass fibre.