Filter press cloths

Filter press cloth made of a wide range of monofils and multifils, combination and staple fibre fabrics custom made for your process filtration, manufactured as double, overlap or hanging cloths and can be optionally equipped with:

  • under-cloths
  • edge coatings
  • edge and support boss reinforcement
  • hook and loop fastening
  • eyelet or welded binding holes
  • solid rubber necks

Furthermore, we manufacture special baling press cloths in special fabrics for the pressing of fruit, grapes, berries and vegetables. Thereby, different types of fabric have been specifically complemented to the corresponding type of fruit.

Our range also includes cake scrapers in various degrees of hardness for optimum cleaning of the filter cloths. The cake scrapers are designed so that a tool handle can be installed and attached as required.

  • RED = PE high density - hard and stiff, hot-water proof
  • BLUE = PE medium density - semi-hard, slightly flexible
  • WHITE = PE low density - extra-soft and flexible
  • BLACK = electrically conductive in various settings