Paint stop filter

Pleated cardboard filters are manufactured of specially pleated cardboard and used for the separation of paint and paint mist in paint shops. They work according to the centrifugal precipitation principle. When flowing through the filter, the air flow enriched with particles of paint is subjected to multiple extreme changes in direction. Thereby, depending on the mass of the particles, they are ejected from the flow of air and settle in the sedimentation chambers.


  • efficient separation of spray mist using centrifugal force
  • high storage capacity
  • high separation efficiency
  • uniform flow resistance
  • 3 to 5 fold longer service life compared to conventional surface filters made of glass fibre fleece
  • reduces transportation and storage volumes

Columbus filters have a lower resistance due to the special construction of various layers with a large number of apertures. Air turbulence develops, caused by the special progressive construction, whereby even the smallest particle of paint is separated:

  • high absorption capacity
  • high separation efficiency
  • average service life approx. 3 to 4 times longer than, for example, glass fibre pads