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  • OEM Original spare parts OEM Original spare parts In our comprehensive range of accessories, you will find everything that you require for the operation of your filtration system. ... Anschauen
  • Support cages Support cages The combination of high-quality filtration and support elements is decisive for optimal operation of the filtration system and for the ... Anschauen
  • Support frames Support frames Bag frames Pocket frames are built into filter pockets. They are manufactured in the widest variety of sizes and designs. ... Anschauen
  • Pocket inserts Pocket inserts Inserts for multi-filter pockets are made of round spiral wire mesh. We deliver all dimensions in the highest quality, including ... Anschauen
  • Fluorescent contrast powder Fluorescent contrast powder The fluorescent contrast powder developed especially for this purpose facilitates quicker and more accurate leakage localisation in dedusting systems. Once ... Anschauen
  • UV-lamps UV-lamps Fluorescent contrast powder has been developed to localise leakages in dedusting systems quickly and easily. An UV light is used ... Anschauen
  • Precoating powder Precoating powder Are you having problems with moist, oily and adhesive dusts and vapours that blind your filtration element? WOKU Precoating Powder ... Anschauen
  • Precon-W precoating powder Precon-W precoating powder Precon-W precoating powder is a dry powder, it is chemically inert and has an average particle size of approx. 10 nm (1/100 ... Anschauen
  • Clamps Clamps Clamps are used for filter bags, either installed on nozzles, due to the design of the filtration system, or because ... Anschauen
  • Doors seals Doors seals Door seals in dedusting systems should be checked at regular intervals for signs of damage and areas of leakage. If ... Anschauen
  • Caps & bag hanging assemblies Caps & bag hanging assemblies Bag caps are required conditional to some types of filtration system. We stock a variety of models of bag caps ... Anschauen
  • Filter-controllers Filter-controllers Our comprehensive product range includes a large selection of high-quality controllers and measurement devices for dedusting systems. Filter valve controllers ... Anschauen
  • Cleaning components Cleaning components Valves enable the pulse of compressed air for cleaning the filtration elements in the dedusting filters and blowtubes guide the ... Anschauen
  • Dust measurement technology Dust measurement technology Broken bag detector (image 1 + 2) The broken bag detector is a filtration sensor that operates based on triboelectric (charge transfer by ... Anschauen